After Bout Shoutout

Holy Toestops! Some super hardout games of derby were played for our last games of 2016!

We really enjoyed hanging out with the skaters from Peowhairangi and Whakatane Roller Derby League – thank you for travelling to our neck of the woods!

The first game at 4pm was between our MMDC’s Atomic Bombs and Peowhairangi – helped out by some Huka Dolls. It was a tough challenge and it was a nice close game throughout but the Bombs pulled away in the second half and took the win 206 to 157! BOOM!

MVPs for this game were: Miss E Tero (B), The Evil Twin (J) with Celtic Curse for Ref! Merica (B), Kitkat (J) – congrats!

Next up at 6.45pm was MMDC’s B-Company battling it out on the track with WRDL – a tough team. It’s always good fun to play our neighbouring league! WRDL took the win 338 to 92 – nice job! There was some pretty sexy apex jumps in there which got the crowd all worked up! Woohoo!

MVPs for this game were: Duncan Disorderly (J), Smith (B) with Kamikaze Pirate for Ref! McFeerce (J), Bully T James (B) – congrats!

Everyone played so hard, there were some penalties and foulouts but everyone had a great time with plenty of smiles all round!

We can't end things without giving out the shout-outs to those people who made everything possible, without whom there would be no derby bouts. Please standby as we pay homage to our hard-working, behind the scenes working bees...

  • Thanks to our MC’s for being on the mic and keeping the crowd entertained!
  • All our NSO’s, refs, benchies and line managers – couldn’t do it without you!
  • To the medics who are there looking out for us!
  • Artistic Media for the rush job on our uniforms!
  • Pipeline Hose and Engineering Supplies for laying the all-important track, always good to have that sucker down and laid!
  • To the bout/events team. Thank you for putting in the hard work, with all the stress that goes into organising a bout, it all came together nicely! You are definitely appreciated.
  • Thanks to BREW for the hospitality and putting up with us stinky skaters, and to Bay Venues for always being awesome to us!
  • To our 'fans', family, and friends... our biggest thanks go to you for supporting our bouts, putting up with our shit and cheering us on from the stands. So much derby love to you.

Was a great way to end the derby year, we wish you a lovely Summer break and we’ll be looking forward to doing it all again in 2017!! Keep an eye on our facebook page for our Summer Freshmeat Intake too ;) Photos will be up soon! :)