Play Derby

Our New Recruits course runs once a year and will teach you everything you need to get out there and join the fun. You don’t need to know how to skate already as we teach everything from scratch – from how to fall safely, how to look after your gear, and how to go really fast – right the way through to how to score all the points and stay out of the penalty box!

Great for fitness, Roller Derby celebrates all body shapes and sizes and is one of the fastest growing sports around. Our New Recruits course is open to anyone of any gender over the age of 16. If you’re not quite 16 but want to give Roller Derby a go get in touch with the coaches as we will accept a limited number of younger skaters depending on sporting background.

Send us a message on facebook or email for more information.

If you've played Roller Derby before or are transferring from another League, email to discuss your options around fasttracking your membership.


Our games couldn't run without our fantastic referees! We're always on the lookout for new referees to come join the family. Most referees run through our New Recruits programme to learn the skates skills and the basics of the rules first, then come along to Scrimmage (our practice games) to hone their skills. Email for more information.

Non-Skating Officials

Just as essential as the referees are the Non-Skating Officials (or NSOs for short). If you're not sure you want to put skates on yourself there are still lots of crucial ways to be involved. Tracking the score, timing penalties and even blowing a whistle at people are all part of the fun. Come along to Scrimmage (our practice games) to meet people, learn more about Roller Derby and get involved at any time throughout the year. Email for more information.


We're always after helpers when it comes to running our events! Make some friends and come help us sell tickets, set up the track and sell merchandise.