Mount Militia Derby Crew to become Moana Roller Derby

We're thrilled to announce that Mount Militia Derby Crew (MMDC) will officially be changing its name to Moana Roller Derby (Moana) as of 05/02/18.

Our new name reflects the evolving focus and values of the league. We wanted our name to reflect the absolute awesomeness of our hometown. We live in one of THE most gorgeous landscapes in the world. We have the beaches and ocean (moana), and the mountains (maunga) - as well as the surrounding bush, rivers and waterfalls.

MMDC was created by plucky and determined men and women in 2010 who loved the sport of roller derby and wanted to nurture an environment where everyone can be involved while surrounded by friends and allies.

This won't change - we are still that league. What has crystallised is our connection and responsibility to the local people, land and environment. Our new name, look and actions will hopefully reflect that.

Along with the league name change, we are also excited to reveal our new teams. Our A-team, formerly B-company, will be renamed to Salty Rollers and the B-team, formerly The Atomic Bombs, will be renamed to Paua Rangers.

Moana has begun the first of many planned community campaigns by attending the Tauranga Women’s Refuge Whanau Christmas Day dressed as popular superheroes in December 2017, handing out presents and keeping the 50+ kids entertained.

This will not be the only change to the league's image but just the first of many. With the help of Lionel and Ronnie from Cypher we have developed a new fresh feel and look to the league’s branding and narrative.

Moana are firm in stating that the inclusive, bold and determined approach to the sport will stay the same. Supporters and fellow league members alike are optimistic about the alterations.

“I’m excited about the change. It's an exciting time. I love that my moana and maunga will be the source of our league's identity." - Leonie Cairns aka Katchawhaea, League member.