War of the Wheels 2017


Mount Militia Derby Crew is excited to present War of the Wheels 2017, a full weekend of derby action featuring teams from across New Zealand. Come on down to the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre on June 10th-11th to watch 8 different teams battle it out!

Doors open at 7:30am on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. Check out the full schedule for details of who's playing when!

Not quite sure what's going on? Your first time watching Roller Derby can be a little confusing! Check out our brief intro to get you started or feel free to ask anyone jumping up and down or shouting enthusiastically.

Taking to the track in Pool A we have:
Mount Militia's B Company, Pirate City Rollers' Broadside Brawlers from Auckland, Dead End Derby's Living Dead Rollers all the way from Christchurch, and last but not least the Sulphur City Steam Rollers from Rotorua.

In Pool B we have:
Mount Militia's Atomic Bombs, Taupo's Huka Dolls, the Timaru Derby Dames and the Space Invaders, who will be launching their first ever attack on the planet after gathering players from as far afield as Whakatane, New Plymouth and Christchurch.

We're thrilled to thank our sponsors for War of the Wheels without whom this event simply wouldn't have been possible, so huge thanks to The Pilates Loft, Wealth Health and Artistic Media.