Levin Roadtrip 2016

MMDC had their 2 teams, Atomic Bombs and B Company, head down to Levin to battle against Quiet Riot and Whenua Fatales. Amazing things happened!

First up Atomic Bombs took the win against Quiet Riot with MVP awards going to Te Kill Her (Blocker) and The Evil Twin (Jammer) with Captains Choice going to Flaming Hooligan! Her Madjessty, Jester and the Evil Twin had their game cherries popped too! BOOM!

Then we had a tough game for B Company against Whenua Fatales where they played their butts off but couldn't quite pull ahead - MVP awards went to Duncan Disorderly (Jammer) and Sweaty Pig (Blocker) with Captains Choice awarded to KatchaWhaea!

Thanks to everyone who came to support, NSO, ref, play and take part in the awesome team bonding our teams did. The teams we played against were lovely and their hospitality is amazing!